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Welcome to Anders Capital

Comprehensive improvement of the financial aspects of your business.

Anders Capital GMbH is a financial consulting company, specialising in the development of projects in the “real sectors” of the economy: manufacturing, energy, construction, development, jurisprudence and others.

Anders Capital can assist your business on any step of its existence in terms of financial, development or managerial perspective.

We offer a wide range of financial services, that insure high quality and loyalty to our customers.

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Consulting Services


Investigation of: the present activities of the organization, internal and external communication of the business units, market analysis in order to meet the customers’ needs and expectations, the competitive advantages of the company in terms of market share growth and technological development.

Forecast & Strategy

Estimating possible sales & market achievements of the organization, identifying promising areas, assessing the investment and profitability rate from launch to maturity stage of the business. The consulting forecast is always based on figures and facts, therefore the predictions are considered to be reliable data.

Internal Audit

Independent verification of the current activity of the company including identification of any issues that can negatively influence your business. Verification of: accounting documents, sales department efficiency, technical support services and any other areas of your organisation.

Expert Advice

Guidance on any issues and tips for solving business problems in a creative and efficient manner. Directed one-time or on the basis of a long-term contract.

Business Optimization

Presentation or testing of new software, staff preparing, marketing strategies and other methods that will optimise the work of your business and will increase supply efficiency at the lowest possible cost.


Creating new investment opportunities in global projects and as well creation of the opportunities to receive the necessary funding for your business development.

High level of competence

Extensive financial consulting experience in collaboration with companies from various business sectors.

Our specialists can assist your business at any point of the business life cycle, offering the most revolutionary and effective methods to achieve your goals. We can provide opportunities for investment in major projects across Europe and Asia. As well, we can assist you in rising funds for business projects in different business sectors.

12 years
10 years
Finance management
5 years
Online services
3 years

By making all the details perfect, the expected results will appear in a short time.

After receiving all the necessary information about the internal and external work of your business, our specialists have the chance to evaluate every potential method of strategies implementation, management policies review and  staff communication improvements in order to achieve the highest level of business optimisation.

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Financial consultation allows you to combine personal information about your company with our extensive experience gained in international practices.

dedicated competencies

These are our professional fields and selected skills


Technical skills

Collect, process and check the information in order to provide the most suitable solution to your business. Tasks include financial accounting and reporting; treasury management; tax strategy; cost accounting and financial planning.


Business skills

Using our knowledge of the business environment organisation, in order to turn analytical data into understandable content. Tasks include process management, creating a project strategy, and economic analysis.


Staff skills

Used to influence effective decisions and actions of interested parties. Tasks include advice, negotiation, decision-making, explanation of all processes, as well as cooperation and partnership with us.


Leadership skills

These skills are of three types – functional, equal and strategic. Tasks include forming or changing team members, HR management, managing new changes, and teamwork.


Your convenience is our priority!

Personal consultant

We provide you with a professional member in the financial field who will lead you to your goal.

Dedicated investment platform

Benefit from the Finhub platform to invest your own financial sources or to place your project to obtain financial sources.

24/7 Online support

We are always at your disposal to solve the difficulties you encounter.

Principles of our work

Stop making mistakes and start using money properly!

Our financial advisors will help to:


Guaranteed results

The effectiveness of our work is determined by the accurate measurable indicators of the business financial activity.


International experience

We have an extensive experience working with a large number of international companies from various business sectors.


Perfect implementation

Perfect realisation of your goals using our well-developed mechanism.

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Our Partners & Projects

Building strong partnerships that ensure the way to success!


Crowdfunding Company
Online platform that was created to communicate potential investors with promising projects in one trading arena, where the borrower quickly and profitably receives the amount he needs, and the investor invests profitably.
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Law Company
ANDERS CAPITAL GmbH combined lawyers and economists with experience in Western and Eastern Europe and created a project of professional advice on a wide range of legal, economic and financial issues, the activities of companies and individuals.
Go to partner site


Health Products
Healthyty is a trademark for the production, development of health products. Currently, the project is 100% owned by WINGS BUSINESS s.r.o.
Go to partner site


Bio Energy Production
The implemented project provides for the collection and burning of biological gas from municipal solid waste with a high methane content during the generation of electric and thermal energy.
Go to partner site


Landscape Design
Provides services in the field of landscape design, the supply of green spaces, construction and the supply of materials and construction equipment.
Go to partner site


Diversified Company
The GTS 8 s.r.o project is a multidisciplinary trading company with a large number of partnerships, such as: Green-Landscape, Novello, DAAC-Hermes.


Construction Company
GTS 8 s.r.o is a partner of the Italian company Novello, together with which it is implementing a construction project in Uzbekistan.
Go to partner site


Car Showroom
GTS 8 s.r.o collaborates with the DAAC-Hermes holding, which sells cars in Moldova. Buying Skoda cars and accessories and supplying them to DAAC-Hermes.
Go to partner site


Steel Technology
A company for the production of equipment and tanks made of steel for food related to wineries, breweries, dairies, etc.
Go to partner site


Steel Production
Production Enterprise of the complete cycle for the production of storage equipment made of stainless steel, together with the Italian company TECNOGEN.
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Equipment Supplier
Operating in the market of equipment, related products and metal processing programs. Successfully collaborates with the company TECNOGEN SRL, as well as with the company VIO INOX.
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