About us


About us

Welcome to Anders Capital
Comprehensive improvement of the financial aspects of your business.
Anders Capital GMbH is a financial consulting company, specialising in the development of projects in the “real sectors” of the economy: manufacturing, energy, construction, development, jurisprudence and others. Anders Capital can assist your business on any step of its existence in terms of financial, development or managerial perspective.We offer a wide range of financial services, that insure high quality and loyalty to our customers.

Why choose us

Anders Capital Gmbh conducts observations, evaluates the general condition of the organization and its condition in specific regions of development. It examines venture capital actions, checks the lack of working capital, afterwards, on the basis of the received information, the probability of creating a reasonable choice for the business effective improvement is determined.

Based on this, Anders Capital GmbH formed an exclusive opportunity to completely revise customer’s structure of collaboration and create new open doors to reveal the hidden capabilities of each particular business. Therefore, our customers use the opportunity to resort to such assistance, especially if the organization is in a difficult financial situation.

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